Mashaal Mir is a multimedia journalist with international experience in visual journalism and a fixation on creative storytelling. She also makes killer samosas.

Mashaal’s currently with AJ+ in San Francisco, where she’s pitching and producing videos that range from war to hip-hop and everything in-between.  Her work has been seen by millions of people (literally) so she understands what works online and especially on social media.

Before giving up free healthcare and moving to the United States, she worked on the digital desk for multiple outlets, such as the Guardian, NBC News in London and Channel 4 News (the British one). She has on-field and on-camera experience, and has produced content for both online and TV.

Originally from one of happiest countries on Earth, she moved to London where she achieved a BA in Journalism and Politics (the Guardian made her a runner-up as Feature Writer of The Year for her work), and an MA in Broadcast Journalism. She also gained knowledge on where to get the best kebabs in the city but that’s another story.

Mashaal’s got a knack for reporting and producing in-depth pieces and explainers. She’s interested in stories that go beyond the headline, as well as stories that highlight individuals making a difference in their communities.

She’s also obsessed with Bollywood. Seriously. She will 100% win in a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai sing-off.